BASE-V BOX 3 – São Paulo / Buenos Aires

Third number of the box of silk prints “Base-V Box”. To this time, one is about a special edition that only counts on works of artists of São Paulo and Buenos Aires, Argentina. To assist in the edition, was ivited the Hollywood in Cambodia gallery, from Buenos Aires, that chose 12 artists of its city. The Base-V group chose of the others 12 artists of São Paulo. With this, part of the artistic production of two of the biggest cities of Latin America in one same experience was joined, visual a collective work of art that represents the creative original and that is developed parallel in these two cities currently Base-V Box3 has the participation of the Brazilian artists: Alex Hornest (Onesto), Ana Starling, Anderson Resende, Andrés Sandoval, Arthur D’ Araújo, Carlos Dias, Dimas Forchetti, Heloísa Etelvina, Mariana Abasolo, MZK, Pjota and Wagner Pinto and of the Argentines: Bs.As. Stencil, Chu, Defi, Gualicho, Irana Douer, Malatesta, Piranha, Pum Pum. Run Don’ t Walk, Sebastian Lahera and Valentina B.

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